GP&E America, Inc.

GP&E America, Inc.


Kitchen Care

Keep a clean and hygienic kitchen at all the time

Introducing kitchen care products that can be used for Kitchen utensils (cuttingboard, knife, etc.) sterilization spray, Antibacterial kitchen detergent, Food (vegetables, fruits, etc.) cleaning agents, Antibacterial kitchen towels, Antibacterial dishcloths, and Antibacterial scrubbers!

G·SOL® Plus

Disinfectant for Kitchen appliances, etc.
  • Made with only two ingredients : Water and Citric acid (Safe to spray anywhere, anytime)
  • A wide range of use such as food/cooking utensils/general objects. Prevent food poisoning by removing E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Used for sterilization and disinfection of kitchen utensils such as food containers, manufacturing/processing facilities, knives, cutting boards, and dishcloths, etc.
  • Spray, dip, and add to food (surface) such as vegetables, fruits, fish, noodles, etc.
How to use
  • Spray : Simply spray and use without any additional process.
  • Immersion : Dip and remove sterilized utensils, tools, etc., and dry.

G·SOL® Max

Disinfectant for safe and clean environment
  • Made with only 2 ingredients : Water and Sodium hypochlorite (Safe to spray anywhere, anytime)
  • Excellent Deodorant : Oxidation and decomposition of odor-causing molecules
  • Can be stored for a long time (18 months) Inhibition of sodium hypochlorite degradation → Long-term Sanitizing Efficacy