GP&E America, Inc.

GP&E America, Inc.


Daily Life Care

Essential household items to protect your family's health!

Products optimized for daily life care such as Living space sterilization spray, Bedding sterilization spray, Laundry antibacterial agent, Sterilization wet wipes, Sterilization hand sanitizer, Antibacterial towel, Antibacterial soap, Toilet sterilization/Deodorizer, Deodorization/Dehumidifier, and New house syndrome gas remover are gathered!

G·SOL® Antiviral Spray

Sanitizing Spray for Preventing Infection : No-Alcohol & Safe for Human
Prevents Virus Infection for Personal Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Spray it easily Homes & Offices to kill 99.9% harmful seasonal viruses and bacteria for the Long-Term Prevention of Epidemics
  • For Preventing the Secondary Virus Infection
  • Removes not only harmful substances (formaldehyde, HCHO) but also ammonia (NH3)

G·SOL® Laundry Sanitizer

New Laundry Sanitizer : contained G·SOL® Disinfecting Particles
  • Easily add G·SOL® when washing with detergent.
  • Kills COVID-19 including Variant, Various Viruses, and Bacteria
  • Eliminate odors & harmful chemicals
  • Long-Term Sanitizing Efficacy until the Next Laundry
  • Bleach-Free, No-Chemicals

G·SOL® Antiviral Wet-Wipes

Antiviral Wet-Wipes for Personal Care : No-Alcohol, No Harmful Chemicals
Handy Sanitizing Product for Hygienic Daily Life
  • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, No skin irritation with soft fabrics
  • Used conveniently whenever we have to clean our hands, such as when going out, before and after meals, when traveling, taking care of a baby and etc.
  • Must-have items to go out, It's not sticky, it's refreshing!
  • Not containing toxic ingredients & additives