GP&E America, Inc.

GP&E America, Inc.


Humidity Management Technology

  • An essential item for drying/packaging moisture-sensitive products, indicating technology using the principle that the color changes with humidity.
  • Technology utilizing inorganic substances that react with moisture to change color.
  • Technology using eco-friendly organic materials that do not contain heavy metals.
  • Localization of Korea's First Humidity Indicator Card Technology.
  • NeT (new technology) certification and world-class product certification.
  • Semiconductor (memory): packaging of D-RAM, NAND flash, etc
  • Printed circuit board: Packing of PCB, F-PCB, F/C, BGA, etc
  • Display: Packing of PDP, TFT-LCD, LED, etc
  • Defense manufacturers: Packaging/management of missiles, propellant, ammunition, etc
  • Silver Industrial Household Goods: Smart Diapers

Humidity Indicator Cards

  • 1. Simplified hygrometer: Use substances that change color with humidity.
  • 2. Packaging essential subsidiary materials for moisture sensitive products (semiconductors, PCBs, LEDs, etc.) (used by JEDEC standards : Joint Electron Device Engineering Council)
  • 3. When the product is opened, the internal humidity can be known bycolor, so it monitors whether the Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB) anddesiccant play a proper role, and an indication product tounderstand the safety/soundness of moisture.


Stable quality
(Stable supply)
  • It has been supplying more than 200 semiconductor/PCB companies such as Samsung Electronics/
    SK Hynix/LG
    in Korea and 7 overseas countries for more than 20 years.
  • Exporting to more than 10 countries including China, Italy, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore,
    Thailand, and Malaysia.
Technical superiority
(Technical Protection)
  • Utility Model Registration No. 20-0291732 (HIC Production Facility)
  • Patent Registration No. 10-1271447, No. 10-1344949, No. 10-1270475, No. 10-1605193 (Eco-friendly HIC)
Eco-friendly product
  • RoHS and REACH regulatory responses for all products.
  • Innovative technical focused on customers.
  • Pursuing Eco-friendliness.
Accurate instructions
(Compliance with
International Standards)
  • Compliance with MIL(U.S. Military) and JEDEC(Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standards.
  • CoC (Report by Third Party) Test Request by Product/LOT.
Price competitiveness
(Economic Feasibility)
  • Increased price competitiveness through the development and localization of raw materials.
  • Joint development with specialized companies such as special paper, raw material reagents,
    additives, etc.
A wide range of products
  • Customized model can be developed and supplied according to customer needs.


Standard Categorize
Component Cobalt Dichloride-Contains
Cobalt Dichloride-Free (Eco-Friendly)
Shape Card
Sticker / Label
Function Reversible

Product Type

  • Regular-HIC HIC-033B
  • CDF-series HIC CDF-033B
  • CB-series HIC CB-033B
  • CF-series HIC CF-033B
  • MF1-series HIC MF1-033BC