All-In-One, Ultra-Hydrophilic, Inorganic, Eco-Friendly Coating Material with Corrosion Resistance and Sanitizing Power

WHY SaniCoat®?



Summary of Technology


  • ● Natural inorganic and alkali materials are compounded by inorganic binder at Room Temperature and Normal Pressure.
    ● Water Based Solution (Transparency)
    ● Strong Adhering Ability on Surface
    ● Anti-Fouling, Anti-Scaling, Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Microorganism(Deodorization)

Corrosion Resistance Test

⇒ Excellent Corrosion Resistance against Acid and Base
10% HCl Solution After 12 hrs

Anti-Fungi Test

⇒ Anti-Fungi Power : No viable for SaniCoat®


1. Auto Parts & System Components
SaniCoat® prevents condensation problems in evaporators of air conditioners, and
prohibits corrosion and bacteria/fungi breeding by remaining water drops through Ultra
Hydrophilic Technology.
2. Airplane Parts & System Components
: Heat Exchanger, Ballast Water Treatment System, Metallic Filter, Screws, and Marine
Structures (Pipes and Tanks)

3. Oil & Natural Gas & Shale Gas Pipelines
4. Water Pipelines
5. Machineries and Steel Tools
6. Coating for Ship
7. Water Purifier
8. Drinking Water Tanks
9. Anti-corrosion and Anti-fouling Coating Industry