HIC (Humidity Indicator Card)


Semiconductors, Electronics, and Equipments
  Cobalt Dichloride
Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) is an essential item for dry packaging.
High relative humidity (RH) can cause significant, possibly irreparable damage to semiconductors, electronics, sensitive equipments and supplies. HICs indicate the RH levels in the sealed packages by color. HICs allow immediate visual inspection of humidity levels, and help us to monitor performance of MBB (Moisture Barrier Bags) and desiccants.
Cobalt(II) Chloride is one of major materials used in HIC by many competitors. Our products use eco-friendly materials instead of Cobalt Dichloride which is carcinogenic, and on the list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) identified by European Union REACH Regulation.

HUMISAFE is the brand name of the HICs that GP&E manufacture.