We provide specialized solutions and equipment to our customers. Our track record and background enables us to understand our customer's requirements, design/describe the optimal solution and deliver the capability to our customers.


Creativity-based innvation is an integral strategy strategy for companies to survive in the rapodly changing management environment. GP&E America,Inc. has evolved into what it is today via lasting innovation in the spirt of “No Pain, No Challenge and No Challenge, No Future. in order to be reborn ad the world-best company from now on, we will keep securing the quality competitivenss via a steady innovation in the whole process of R&D, product merchandising planning, manfacturing and marketing.


GP&E America,Inc. will not be content with the current reality and seek a development as a global leader through securing of a stable growth base via selection and concentration, incessant exploration and research into future industry and advancement of management system.

Thus, we all executives and staff will make every effort in order to grow to global excellent enterprise which leads an environment-friendly industry field specified to the future, humanbeings and their real lives as a word-famous company which provides customers a best life.